If you are not happy with the colour of your teeth we may be able to help

Zoom whitening. Now only £395!

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We offer two types of tooth whitening.


The first option is home bleaching and costs £350.


First we make bleaching trays to fit your teeth. Then, once these are fitted we give you a two week supply of bleaching gel.

The trays can be worn for one hour a day, or overnight if that is more convenient.



The second option is Zoom whitening and costs £495.




This is an in surgery bleaching process. We paint a bleaching gel on your teeth and activate it using the Zoom light. This appointment takes an hour and a half. At the end you will be provided with bleaching trays and home bleaching gel to maximise the new colour of you teeth at home.


Not all teeth are suitable for whitening - the process will not alter the colour of any crowns or fillings. You will be assessed by a dentist prior to treatment  to ensure that you will get the best response from the treatment.